It is our firm belief that education is indeed the key to a secure and healthy environment. At Delsec, we specialize in security training courses and seminars. Our programs cover a wide range of topics that are pertinent to the industrial and business milieus. We use our extensive backgrounds in the training field to provide your firm or organization with training needs analysis and subsequently a program that will meet your expectations.

Delsec is currently the only private Training Institute listed with the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) to provide Security Guard Training.

In addtion to standard course offerings, Delsec offers the

programs and seminars:

Course Offerings

Information Technology Investigators Course

This course his course provides the necessary knowledge to conduct, in Canada, an effective investigation dealing with Information Technology issues. The course covers legislation, investigation methodology and investigative techniques.

Administrative and Disciplinary Investigators Course

This program addresses administrative and disciplinary investigations within an organization, including the procedures to follow when criminal behaviour occurs. It provides managers with a co-ordinated methodology for conducting an independent and objective examination of incidents, and identifies the key roles and responsibilities of the organization and law-enforcement agencies.

Persons Abroad Safety and Security Course

This course is designed for persons who will be traveling and living abroad. It reflects contemporary realities and considers the impact that socio-economic phenomena exert on the safety and security. Environmental, cultural and demographic differences between North America and foreign countries, particularly developing and underdeveloped countries, are sometimes astounding. The course will prepare the participant in dealing with the differences he or she will encounter.


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