Our Expertise

Our cadre of professionally-trained, experienced staff members - former police officials and insurance investigators - and an expert pool of uniquely qualified consultants, can assist your organization to develop and implement a comprehensive and cost effective corporate security plan that fits your specific needs.

Our Approach

Rather than being "pro-active" in the face of difficulties, some corporate leaders and executives will merely react to them. Sometimes the damage is done and one is left to wonder what actually happened and why. When they are not properly addressed, security matters and problems can have devastating effects on the organization.

At Delsec, we believe that prevention is essential to any and all organizational and institutional endeavours, that is, knowing that certain elements can impact negatively on its environment. 
Using a three-step process, we analyze the problem from the standpoint of the threat. We begins with an analysis of the potential threats facing an organization. We then examine systems, policies and practices to identify vulnerabilities related to human resources, physical assets and information. We conclude with a market risk assessment and a series of recommendations/countermeasures to address the organization's potential or real security problems.

Our experts are ready to assist you in the following areas:


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